An update and redesign was in fact well overdue. Though I must admit to being just a trifle astonished when I realised that the original website was designed and put on-line in 2004. I can only apologise for taking twelve years to get around to constructing this newly designed on-line presence.

The Internet world has moved on remarkably since 2004. New techniques. New possibilities. Broadband in particular opened possibilities that were undreamed of all those years ago. For the technically interested this new site is built with Joomla 3,4. Joomla is a CMS (Content Management System) used as the platform for countless numbers of worldwide projects.

We have not been able to acquire too many additional items. Dilly Duckling and the Dilly Duckling Cough Pastille box were a couple of lucky finds. We are still lacking a signed first edition of Toffee Town. And a signed first edition of the Savoy edition of Fudge in Bubbleville. Who knows - maybe one day. Collecting is a curious affair. Part of its charm is the unexpected.

Many thanks to the many individuals who are contributed both information and photographs over the years. Laura and myself remain avid fans of the Reid Oeuvre, a passion I know we share with others worldwide.

Best Wishes,

Laura Maguire

Peter Maguire






For child growing up during the nineteen forties and fifties in the North West of England the arrival of 'The Manchester Evening News' and with it the daily adventures of 'Fudge the Elf' was the event of the day.

It is sometimes hard to realize in retrospect just how grey were those years during and after WII. They lacked colour, choices, and for most families there was little spare income to provide children with the kind of distractions that are now taken for granted. Indeed there was a definite sense in which the indulgence of the young and looking upon the needs of the young as a special case was something that was considered undesirable if indeed the notion of the special case was even given any consideration whatsoever.

So for many children, 'Fudge' provided a special and daily treat.

Both my children loved 'Fudge' albeit only knowing and reading about him in the rather battered hardcover editions that had somehow survived. This collection belongs to my Daughter Laura, and even though a child of more affluent times, she has found as much delight in the various 'Adventures of Fudge the Elf' just as I did during those earlier and bleaker times of my Salford childhood.

We do hope that you enjoy this website and find something to interest you.
Best Wishes,

Laura Maguire

Peter Maguire

Brussels 2004


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