Les Speakman


In the 1950's I lived 'just up the road' from Ken, my elder brother had 4 of his books Bubble Ville, Toffee town, trip to the Moon and Dragon so from an early age I was delighted and thrilled with Fudge and Speck adventures. The Glum Glum bird and Claude Clank Mrs Pinchum etc. My brother still has his books.Other than these and the Manchester Evening News, I had know idea of other books. Then I saw a copy of Frolics in 1963 in a school library and was delighted to realise there were more. the Adventures, Dilly the Duckling and the Detective yet to read. It has taken me 47 years of hunting and bargaining to at last complete the collection.just this month and what a treasure!! His work along with his contribution to children's comics should be recognised in the same light as Potter and Barry. Good hunting if you are looking for copies or as Fudge would say "Where there's a will there's a way" (back piece Fudge and the Dragon")